Scientists for Palestine is organizing a series of webinars covering different topics related to uplifting Palestinian Science.

Science Education & Research in Occupied Palestine
February 5 2022 – registration open
Climate Justice in Palestine
November 20 2021 – recording available

In Defense of Palestinian Civil Society
November 6 2021 – recording available
Academic Freedom in Palestine: A Conversation with Imad Barghouthi
August 28 2021 – recording available
Doing Science Under Bombing: Hearing the voices of our colleagues in Gaza
May 16 2021 – partial recording available
 فعالية تثقيفية عامة لعامة الشعب الفلسطيني لشرح علم وفعالية لقاحات كوفيد ١٩ المتوفرة
Webinar in Arabic providing information on Covid-19 vaccines
April 10 2021 – recording available
Renewable energy in occupied Palestine: Advances & Challenges
January 17 2021 – recording available
Mentorship: A Pathway to Succeed in Medicine and Allied Health Professions
January 16 2021 – recording available.
Energizing Science in Palestine:
Building a Technology Innovation Ecosystem in the West Bank

December 12 2020 – recording available.
From Education in Palestine to Israeli Military Courts: A Conversation with Ubai Aboudi
November 8 2020 – recording available.
Challenges and Opportunities for Science in the West Bank and Gaza October 23 2020
Impact of the Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Science, Education, and Research
September 26 2020 – recording available.
Career Paths and Opportunities for Palestinian Students in Medicine and Medical Sciences
September 12th 2020.
The Impact of Israel’s Annexation Plans on Palestinian Research and Higher Education
August 21st 2020 – recording available.

More webinars to be announced soon.