Depending on the country/field students either apply to a Ph.D. program in a given department, or students apply directly to a particular Ph.D. position.  In this latter case, sometimes there are websites that group together many PhD opportunities within a field. These websites are not complete, so it’s always better to check the websites of universities or professors, but can be a good resource. Here are some websites divided by field or country.

Physics is a very good resource for high energy physics, both experimental and theoretical, for countries where you apply directly for PhD positions instead of applying to a graduate program.


Geco Gedi has PhD openings in the fields of geometry (algebraic, differential and complex). It is possible to subscribe to their mailing list as well.

Software engineering

The Seworld mailing list includes also PhD positions.

By country

United Kingdom lists PhD positions in the UK in various fields.


We cannot accept any responsibility or liability from any inaccuracy in any of the material on this website. This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of funding opportunities, and we cannot endorse any of these opportunities. We cannot provide assistance with applications, if you have questions or need assistance with applications please contact directly the advertisment.