We have just received news from the family of our esteemed colleague, Professor Imad Barghouti: his attorney has confirmed that Professor Barghouti is expected to be released very soon. Specifically, at the latest military court hearing, the judge announced that the administrative detention order under which Professor Barghouti has been incarcerated will conclude tomorrow, April 22nd. This hearing was also attended by professor Barghouti, who with the help of his lawyer was also able to record a brief message where he expressed gratitude to his family and supporters around the world. With tomorrow marking the beginning of Passover, one of the most significant Jewish holidays, there is a possibility that Imad could be released even today! We remain cautiously optimistic, as the fate of Palestinian prisoners is entirely in the hands of Israeli military authorities, and there is no established process to ensure the enforcement of such decisions.

It is important to remember that Professor Barghouti was arrested in October 2023 from his home in the West Bank and has been held for over six months without any formal charges. Furthermore, indirect sources have confirmed that he has endured even harsher conditions than before. During these six months, his family received very few updates about Imad, and last week’s hearing was the first opportunity in six months for his family to hear Imad’s voice. As academics and conscientious individuals, we must remain steadfast in condemning the arbitrary detentions of our Palestinian colleagues. Palestinians are tried in Israeli military courts, which have an alarmingly high conviction rate, and many, like our dear colleague Imad Barghouti, are held under Administrative Detention. There can be no justice or peace in the region as long as these egregious double standards persist.