Professor Barghouti (third from the left) following his arrest

Early in the morning of October 23nd, Professor Imad Barghouti was arrested by the Israeli forces. Imad Barghouti is a professor of Physics at Al-Quds University beloved by his students, a father of five, one of the most internationally respected Palestinian astrophysicists and a very charismatic person who is relentlessly outspoken about the Israeli occupation. He belongs to no political party and has never engaged in any violence.

The family of Professor Barghouti reported how tens, if not hundreds of fully armed Israeli soldiers surrounded Imad’s house. Seven of them went by the door threatening him and his family that if he didn’t surrender they would demolish his house. They then took him. His family knows nothing about him and has no idea what will happen next. Professor Barghouti was not charged with any crime.

Professor Barghouti was arrested in 2020 and released after almost a year spent in prison, without any trial. We call upon the scientific community to ask for the release of Professor Barghouti, and for the release of all hostages, including all the over 200 Israelis held in captivity in Gaza, as well as several thousands Palestinian held with no charges in Israeli jails.