Distinguished Professor Imad Barghouti was forcibly taken from his home on the night of October 23rd and is presently detained in Israeli jails without any formal charges. We have recently been informed by his family that the Israeli military has at last granted permission for a meeting with his attorney on January 25th, although no family member is permitted to attend.

Should this meeting occur – bearing in mind that Israeli forces frequently cancel such meetings without any justification – it will provide a rare opportunity to convey messages of love and support to our esteemed Imad from those outside the prison walls. Our goal is to send a resounding message: numerous scholars and conscientious individuals globally recognize the injustice at play and fervently hope for the immediate release and reunion of Imad and all unjustly imprisoned Palestinian prisoners with their families.

To extend your message to Imad, please complete this form as soon as possible. We will cease collecting messages tomorrow, January 24th, at 6 p.m. Palestine time. This deadline allows Imad’s family sufficient time to organize and print the supportive messages received.