OurĀ  Second International Meeting for Science in Palestine ended this Sunday at Columbia University, NY, USA.

We are tremendously grateful to everyone who took the time to participate. The weekend was an incredible success and it was beyond wonderful seeing so many people, coming from different backgrounds and sharing different skills, all working towards the same goal: developing innovative visions to support and advanced the integration of the Palestinian scientific community into the broader international community.

Because of the incredible success of the conference, we had to face some exceptional expenses and we are currently $ 1150 dollar short. That is why we have raised our fundraiser goal from $ 5000 to $ 6150. If you haven’t donated yet, and you have money to do it, please consider donating to support our activities, share the fundraiser and ask your friends to support. No donation is too small!

If you missed the meeting you can watch the recordings of the events on our Facebook page, direct links to the various sessions are available here.