On Monday, November 18th, 2019, an Israeli tribunal placed Mr. Ubai Aboudi under administrative detention for 4 months despite no charges being brought against him.

We call on all scholars concerned about human rights and the enforcement of the universal right to education to join, among others, Nobel laureate George Smith and Noam Chomsky, to ask for Mr. Aboudi’s immediate release from military prison.

Update: Amnesty International has started a campaign for the release of Mr. Ubai Aboudi, see how to take action here.

Update from Dec. 2nd:

In the confirmation of detention hearing at the Ofer military court, the judge has reduced the detention order of S4P’s dear partner Mr. Ubai Aboudi to two months instead of the initial four. The judge unfortunately did not confirm that this detention order will be the last. Administrative detention orders can be indefinitely renewed. Also Ubai has thus far spent three weeks in jail, but no charges have been brought against him.