Scientists for Palestine is seeking a concrete support for a mentoring initiative involving Palestinian students and academics.

In keeping with S4P’s mission, we hope that many of you might be able to assist one or more Palestinian students or academics working in, undertaking a degree in, or seeking employment in your area of work. Examples of such assistance may include:

  • Academic writing mentoring (i.e. help with English and technical writing) for dissertations, research manuscripts, etc.
  • Review and feedback on a student application for a higher education degree or postgraduate employment.
  • Review and feedback on an academic’s research manuscript, grant proposal, etc.

Indeed, S4P has every indication that such assistance is in high demand at all levels of Palestinian science, from undergraduate to senior academic, so we expect no shortage of requests.

However, we are acutely conscious that spare time is in very short supply for many of you. That is why we would tremendously value your support in this mentoring project! We seek help of scientist of conscience who could make an immediate impact on the learning experience and/or career progression of Palestinian scientists, whose full potential is clearly thwarted by the direct and indirect effects of the Israeli Occupation.

Your contribution has the potential to open up opportunities to students and colleagues with a great passion for science and remarkable determination to excel, despite their right to education being compromised on a daily basis.

Please fill out this form if are willing to help in any way.