The momentum around our campaign doesn’t cease! The public endorsement of Stephen Hawking (here) has generated quite a bit of attention leading to coverage by international media outlets like Haaretz (here), Israel most liberal newspaper. The American Physical Society has also publically advertise our campaign (here).

There are no words to thank you enough for the almost 200 donations we have received. We are now well above our goal, although $ 7500 was the bare minimum that we needed. The Second Palestinian Advanced Physics School is happening; we have already consolidated the dates and the first prominent lecturer.

The money received allow us to raise slightly our ambitions. We have already made connections with the Palestine Technical University (of Tulkarm) which could possibly host the school in 2018. We are also working on establishing a system of fellowships and scholarships for Palestinian students in non-Palestinian universities. Lack of funding is a major impediment in the ability of Palestinian students to pursue careers in the sciences.

But to keep expanding our ambitions we need your support! Please consider continuing making a donation towards our cause. No donation is too small!

For updates on our activities, visit this website and/or follow Scientists for Palestine on facebook.