Scientists for Palestine have initiated a petition for the release of Ubai Aboudi. Please follow this link to sign the petition. The names of the signatories appear below.

For more information on the case see here, here and here.

Ubai Aboudi is a Palestinian-American civilian, father, researcher, educator, director of the Bisan Center for Research and Development who was abducted by Israeli military without charges on November 13, 2019 [1]. Ubai is one of Scientists for Palestine’s (S4P) closest partners and has worked tirelessly to make the Third International Meeting on Science in Palestine, which took place on January 10-12, 2020, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, happen and his detention prevented him from attending and presenting his own research. Ubai, after two months of administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial – is still currently detained in Israeli military custody on arbitrary charges and without any guarantees of a fair trial [2]. S4P and the undersigned supporters are steadfast in the support of article 27 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights [3,4] and article 15 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [5], which both guarantee everyone’s right to science. S4P and the undersigned supporters therefore condemn Mr. Ubai Aboudi’s abduction and detention in the strongest possible terms and call for the US State Department and the US ambassador in Israel David M. Friedman to end their silence and work to ensure his immediate release from military prison. We also invite all scholars concerned about human rights and the enforcement of the universal right to education to also take immediate action and support our call.

Ubai Aboudi and his familiyThere is overwhelming evidence that Israeli military law applicable to Palestinians in the West Bank imposes draconian criminal sanctions for vaguely worded offenses that do not allow a person to reasonably predict whether an action or inaction amounts to a crime [2] in defiance of international standards [5]. It is all the more appalling that the US government and the US Department of State adopts these Israeli “terrorism” designations knowing their discriminatory, arbitrary, and illegal genesis which de-facto criminalizes most of Palestinian society, but manages to ensnare and abuse a US citizen, education worker and science advocate with potential tremendous consequences.

This call is made even more urgent by the current pandemic and the deliberate disregard shown by the Israeli military for the health and well-being of Palestinian detainees [6, 7]. This is particularly concerning in the case of Ubai given his preexisting health conditions may render his already unlawful detention a death sentence during the coronavirus pandemic. We therefore demand his case be given top priority.

An organization like S4P, which is committed to building scientific collaborations and strengthening those that already exist, should not be put in the position of writing statements of this kind. However, Mr. Aboudi’s brutal abduction and the experience of his unfair trial is a direct attack to anyone attempting to help elevate Palestinian science and education. S4P and the undersigned supporters, believe that so long as our Palestinian colleagues are subjected to a largely arbitrary and discriminatory legal system, it will be impossible for science to thrive in Palestine. We also believe that it is our duty, as researchers and scientists, to work steadfastly for everyone’s right to science to be indeed respected.

Initial signatories:

Scientists for Palestine – Central Committee.
Ahmed Abbes, Mathematician, Directeur de recherche au CNRS, France.
Susan Abulhawa, Writer and Political Activist.
Philip Argyres, Professor of Physics, University of Cincinnati.
Noam Chomsky, Laureate Professor of Linguistics, Agnese Nelms Haury Chair, The University of Arizona.
Anne Davis, Professor of Physics, Cambridge, UK.
Leila Farsakh, Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Boston.
Catherine Goldstein, Mathematician, Directrice de recherche au CNRS, Paris, France.​
Michael Harris, Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University.
Assaf Kfoury, Professor, Boston University.
Haynes Miller, Professor of Mathematics, MIT.
Joseph Oesterlé, Professeur émérite à Sorbonne Université, Paris​
Nasser Rabbat, professor, history of architecture, MIT.
George P. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri, 2018 Nobel Chemistry Laureate.
Lionel Schwartz, professeur émérite de mathématiques, Université Paris Nord, France.
Annick Suzor-Weiner, professeure émérite de physique, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France.​
Raid M Suleiman, Astrophysicist, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian.
Franz Ulm, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT.
Dror Warschawski, CNRS, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France​.


[1] Amnesty International call to action:
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Signatories (in order of signing, affiliations for identification purposes only):

1. Dr. Mario Martone, University of Texas at Austin
2. Mr Muhammad Shehper, University of Texas at Austin
3. Professor Brinkley Messick, Columbia University
4. Professor David Klein, California State University Northridge
5. Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, University of New Hampshire
6. Ms Ariane Redding, Arizona State University
7. César Sánchez, New Jersey City University
8. AbdelKarim Alkahlout, Alaqsa University
9. Dr. Leena Ali Ibrahim, Harvard medical school
10. Eng. Amin Arar, KPI
11. Ermo Ikävalko, HY
12. Stéphanie Latte Abdallah, CNRS/SciencesPo, Paris
13. Dr Suhail Shafi, UPMC
14. Matt Hodel, MIT
15. Deema Waleed, Islamic university
16. Mr. Mark Stansbery, OSU
17. Samar Alkairi, Islamic University
18. Dr. Andrew O’Bannon, University of Southampton
19. Associate Professor Nasser Abukhdeir, University of Waterloo
20. Esraa Mohammed, Al aqsa university
21. Nat A, Alum UMass Amherst
22. Taha Saeed, UMASS Amherst Graduate
23. Adam Bene Watts, MIT
24. Ms. JoAnne VanDatta , University of Oregon
25. Mohammed Abu Nasser, Al Aqsa University
26. Ekram Matar, Islamic University of Gaza
27. Helena Mancha, Instituto formación profesional
28. Fahmi Yusup, Mulawarman University
29. Roba Shamaa, Al aqsa
30. Dr. Terri Ginsberg, AUC
31. Nura Bawab, UT Austin
32. Jasika Melano, Al Aqsa University
33. Nervana Medn, Al Quds Open University
34. Dana Alhasan, University of South Carolina
35. Stefano Cremonesi, Durham University
36. Dr Reyad Mahmoud, Retired USU, Logan, UT
37. Wafa’ Saleh, Birzeit University
38. Ms Kem Kibbe, UT Austin
39. Shireen Hamouda, The Islamic university of Gaza
40. Dr Anindya Dey, Johns Hopkins
41. Dr Anissa Nain, University of Mauritius
42. Dalia Sifi, Palestine university
43. Suha Nazzal, Bisan Center for Reseach&Development
44. Ms. Amal Amra-Tutuianu, University of Bucharest
45. R Agha, Islamic University
46. Raeda Khaled, IUG
47. mohammed nazli, Alaqsa university
48. Enas Qeshta , Islamic university
49. Mrs. Hadeel Jnade, Al-azhar university
50. Soso Soso, The Islamic University
51. Bara’a Esmail, Islamic University
52. Rula Ifteiha, University of North Texas
53. Hala Shamaly, Al-Azhar University
54. Nour Alborno, Al_Azhar UNI
55. Professor Nancy Withington, Kent State University
56. Ms. Wendy Schoener, UMass-Boston
57. Distinguished Research Professor of Global Ethics Alison Jaggar, University of Birmingham, UK
58. Dr. (Ph.D.) Edwin Daniel, University of Alberta (Professor Emerius)
59. Dr Berta Rosa Berriz, Lesley University
60. Mr Sean Wallis, UCL UCU President, UCU London Region (HE) Secretary, UCU NEC
61. Mr Pathma Venasithamby, UC Berkeley
62. Ms Lisa White, American University in Cairo
63. Professor Wael Hallaq, Columbia University
64. dr Ron Witton, Wollongong University
65. Assistant Professor Paola Mera , New Mexico State University
67. professor Hirohisa Tanaka, Stanford university
68. Dr. Andrea Balduzzi, retired researcher, Genova University, Italy
69. Mr Mike Cushman , LSE
70. Doctor Paulo Finuras, ISG Business& Economics School lisbon
71. Dr. Gordon Doctorow, Nova Southeastern University
72. Miss Zara Cassid, University of Bristol
73. Emeritus, Professor Sharif Elmusa, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
74. Dr Marco Baity Jesi, ETH
75. Professor emeritus Victor Ginsburgh, Université libre de Bruxelles
76. Fernando de Sousa Passos, Universidade Aberta
77. Dr Les Levidow, Open University, UK
78. Dr Eugene Lim, King’s College London
79. Director of Publication and R&D Affairs Ayman Al Haj Daoud, Palestine Academy for Science and Technology
80. Prof Emeritus Boston University irene Gendzier, Boston University Prof Emeritus
81. Karam-Massis Awwad , Cal State Hayward / MBA
82. Ms. A. Talamas, Fordham University
83. Professor David Comedi, National University of Tucuman and Physics Institute of Northwestern Argentina
84. Professor David Lloyd, U.C. Riverside
85. Professor Ross Hamilton, Barnard College
86. MD Bill Slaughter, Harvard Medical School
87. Professor Emerita of Sociology Elaine Hagopian, Simmons University
88. Dr. David Kattenburg, University of Manitoba
89. Dr. Karl Schaffer, De Anza College
90. Kate Chung, University of Toronto
91. Prof. Catherine Greenhill, UNSW Sydney
92. Dr. Margaret Power, Illinois Institute of Technology
93. John Darling, UBC Vancouver
94. Ms Kathleen Shepherd, University of Vermont
95. Professor Lisa Rofel, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
96. Claudia Ortiz, UD
97. Dr. Alice Rothchild, Harvard Medical School
98. Professor Emeritus Ismail Poonawala, UCLA
99. Dr. Yossi Farjoun, Broad Institute
100. Ayman Safi, Universiad Nacional de La Plata
101. Kholood Boureeni , An-najah national University
102. Prof. Carine Defoort, KU Leuven
103. Professor Emeritus Michel Hébert , The American University in Cairo
104. Dr Jean Beaman, UC Santa Barbara
105. Dr. Reuben Roth , Laurentian University
106. associate professor Liora Sion, university of Copenhagen
107. Professor Rush REHM, Stanford University
108. Professor Pamela Abbott, University of Aberdeen
109. Prof David Blanc, U. Haifa
110. Mrs Geraldine Guest , Humanitarian Univervity
111. Mr. Raphael Van Laere, Royal Academy for Archaeology of Belgium
112. Emeritus Prof Micah Leshem, University of Haifa
113. Professor Vincent Wertz, Louvain University
114. Dr Baudouin Dupret, CNRS
115. Marco Meineri, EPFL
116. Dr Emily Heath, Lancaster University
117. Professor Megan Povey, University of Leeds
118. Marcel De Prins, KU Leuven, UGent Belgium
119. Prof. dr. Ides Nicaise, KU Leuven
120. mrs leen soetaert, artevelde hogeschool
121. architect Jan Dekeyser, KULeuven
122. Claudia Bolliger, University Library Basel, Switzerland
123. Prof. dr. Guido Vanden Wyngaerd, KU Leuven
124. Professor Roel Dieltiens, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
125. Dr Eddie Powell, University of Cambridge
126. Dr Dalia Sachs‬‏, University of Haifa
127. em. prof. dr. Frans Daems, University of Antwerp
128. Dr Karen Evans, University of Liverpool
129. ms carole geerts, varndean college
130. Ms Marian Mayer , Bournemouth University
131. prof. Gita Deneckere, Ghent University
132. Georgios Papathanasiou, DESY
133. Mr Terry Brotherstone, University of Aberdeen
134. Mr Lewis Jones, London metropolitan University
135. Prof. James Dickins, University of Leeds
136. Dr Jacques DREZE, CORE UCLouvain
137. Dr. Sarah Marusek, University of Leeds
138. Dr Barry Heselwood, University of Leeds, UK
139. Mohamad Fattouh, University of Houston
140. Dr. Dorothy Burlage, Harvard
141. Dr Mabel Lie, Newcastle University
142. Professor Marian HOBSON CBE, FBA,, Queen Mary University of London
143. Mr Dave Baker, Retired London Institute of Education
144. prof. dr. Marc David, University of Antwerp
145. Professor Emerita Sonia DAYAN-HERZBRUN, Université de Paris
146. Dr Paulina Palmer, Warwick University, UK, emeritus
147. Professor of Political science Walid Kazziha, American University in cairo
148. Chiara Toldo, Amsterdam University
149. Dr Ronit Lentin, Trinity College Dublin
150. Mr Martin Golding, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
151. Professor Jean-Marie Frère, University of Liège
152. Dr. Renata Mirra, Cardiff University
153. Dr. David Heap, University of Western Ontario
154. Dr. Laurence Davis, University of Oxford
155. Dr. Susan Blackwell, University of Utrecht, Netherlands
156. Ms Jackie Gallagher , Birkbeck College
157. Dr Mahmood Akhtar, University of Leeds
158. Dr. Ellen Rosser, Professor Emerita, Cal. State U., Sacramento
159. Naomi Binder, OISE
160. Todd Davies, Stanford University
161. Professor Emerita of Social Policy (em) Hilary Rose, University of Bradford
162. Mrs Carol Cody, City of Liverpool College
163. Dr. Alan Meyers, Boston University School of Medicine
164. Guillaume Périlleux, Université libre de Bruxelles
165. Mrs Joy Jeha, Lesley University
166. Dr. Dwyer Sullivan, University of Toronto
167. Anita Block, Carleton University Alumna
168. Dr. Edward Badeen, University of Zurich
169. Dr. Inez Hedges, Northeastern University Emerita
170. Professor em. Albert Martens, Katholic University Leuven Belgium²
171. Muath Natsheh, New York University
172. Mr. Jim Roche, Technological University Dublin
173. Professeur à la retraite Maria Ramon, Haute Ecole Chalemagne Liège
174. Professor Emerita Jean Jackson, Professor Emeritus Massachusetts Institute of Technology
175. Volker Wirth, HfÖ Berlin
176. Nada Dibas, University of California, Berkeley
177. Kevin Moloney, York University, Toronto
178. Dr. Linval DePass, UC Berkeley Extension
179. Professor Mahmood Ibrahim, Cal Poly Pomona
180. Dr. Calvin Wu, University of Michigan
181. Prof. Dr. em. Madeline Lutjeharms, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
182. Dr. Dan Tschirgi, American University in Cairo
183. Mehdi Khamassi, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Sorbonne Université
184. Professor Frank Crispino, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (QC), Canada
185. Dr Vicky Steinitz, UMass/Boston
186. Dr Karen Pfeifer, Smith College
187. paki wieland, antioch University
188. Dr. Leena Dallasheh, Humboldt State University
189. Prof. Gregory Afinogenov, Georgetown University
190. Keri Szeklinski , University of Houston
191. Mrs Savanna Bachand, American University
192. Professor emeritus Piet Mertens, Leuven University, Belgium
193. Dr. Abdenour Benmansour, National Institute Agricultural Research /Retired
194. distinguished professor walter hixson, university of Akron
195. Dr. Felix Laub, Weizmann Institute of Science
196. Professor Patrick Goubau, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
197. University of Oxford Nur Arafeh, University of Oxford
198. Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford University
199. Werner Steppuhn, FH Düsseldorf
200. Dr., Prof. Emeritus Ivan Huber, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., NJ, USA
201. Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, San Francisco State University
202. Assistant Professor Ruth Goldstein, UCI
203. Dr. Jamal Nassar, California State University San Bernardino
204. professor Nasrin Rahimieh, University of California, Irvine
205. Professor Craig Reinarman, University of California, Santa Cruz
206. Professor Karen Brodkin, UCLA
207. prof emerita Nancy Gallagher, ucsb
208. Dr. Suad Joseph, University of California, Davis
209. Associate Professor sang kil, San José state university
210. Professor Carole Browner, UCLA
211. Dr Yusra Hussain, Stanford University
212. Ben Lakhdar zohra, Engineer school ESPRIT
213. Mr. Miroku Nemeth, West Hills College
214. Dr. Jef Peeters, KU Leuven
215. meira asher, haifa university
216. Dr Colette Duez, University of Liege
217. Rita Schepers, KU Leuven
218. Asma Barakat, Montclair state university
219. Ms Zoe Lawlor, University of Limerick Ireland
220. Prof. Khaled Sawalha, Al-Quds University – Palestine
221. Dr. Dennis Kortheuer, California State University, Long Beach
222. Dr. Madalena Lemos, CERN
223. Professor Samer Alsadi, Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie
224. Dr. Anat Matar, Tel Aviv University
225. Dr Dana Mills, Oxford Brookes
226. Prof. Haidar Eid, Al-Aqsa University
227. Professeur émérite Michel Mietton, Université Lyon3
228. Alon Marcus, Open University of Israel
229. Dr Francesca Chadha-Day, University of Cambridge
230. Dr Etienne Roesch, University of Reading
231. Carl Schwarz, University of Tübingen
232. Ms Aya Alghazzawi , Al Aqsa university
233. Yossi Kaufman, Open uni. il
234. Nuha Dwaikat, Wilfrid Laurier University
235. PhD Sofiane Boucenna, CY Université
236. Mr. Kerry McNamara, Bossier Parish Community College
237. dr moshe behar, U of Manchester
238. Dr. Chen Misgav, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
239. Assoc. Professor Isaac Yanni, Ben Gurion University
240. Dr. Ishai Menuchin, Ben Gurion University
241. Prof Nurit Peled elhanan, Hebrew university
242. Dr. Matan Kaminer, University of Haifa
243. Mr Udai Aboudi, Birzeit
244. artist Smadar Yaaron, Teacher in hagalil hamaaravi coledge
245. Gabriella Feltman, University of Cincinnati
246. Lydia Zhou, Northeastern university
247. Dr Rola O’Neill , UCC
248. Dr Erella Grassiani , University of Amsterdam
249. Research engineer Claude Zurbach, IN2P3 – CNRS, France
250. Rana Awaisi, Tel Aviv university
251. Emad Mruwat, Roosevelt University
252. Inger Margrethe Riis, Kalundborg Gymnasium
253. Prof Emmanuel Farjoun, Hebrew univ of jerusalem
254. Dr. Vida Samiian, Professor Emerita, CSU Fresno
255. Dr Manal Yazbak , Sakhnin college for teacher education
256. prof emerita Nancy Gallagher, ucsb
257. Dr. in Theology maria van doren, G.T.U. Berkeley and Gregorian-Rome
258. Dr. Khaled Mattawa, University of Michigan
259. Dr. Abdulhadi Khalaf, Lund University
260. Mr. Michael Levin, Columbia College Chicago
261. Prof.em. Jan Delrue, University of Leuven KUL
262. Bernardo Zan, Princeton University
263. Professor Jerome Bourdon, Tel Aviv University
264. Mr Bleicher YveS, Conservatoire National de Région
265. Professor Jean-Louis LELEU, Université Côte d’Azur
266. Mr Yves DREAN, Académie de Rennes

Non academic signatories (in order of signing):

1. Charlotte Kates
2. Gerard Mcdonagh
3. Rael Nidess MD
4. Nedaa daff
5. Marwa Lahouimel
6. Yara Aziz
7. Yoshie Furuhashi
8. Khetam Abd
9. Manal Ramadan
10. Joe Catron
11. Walaa Hassan
12. Fred Plantinga
13. Neda Hamandi
14. Soso Soso
15. Katrina Thornton
16. Ayman Fadel
17. Yahya Yahya
18. Esraa Em Kareem
19. Simon Vrouwe
20. roba jkkadf
21. Jawwad Khan
22. Христо Ангелов
23. djamila bouderbala
24. احمد دادر
25. Rawan Ziedan
26. Mohammed Ismail
27. Noha Abo Snimah
28. Yasmin Matar
29. Maysoon Alnemer
30. Quentin Poulsen
31. Larry Wang
32. Nily Gorin
33. Joanne Demchok
34. Todd Jailer
35. Eileen Wright
36. Cecily Blyther
37. Robert Trivers
38. Yali Hashash
39. Bader Osama
40. Don McDiarmid
41. Rosalind Kent
42. Yousef Yassir
43. J P
44. Gerard CHEVROT
45. Janet Thew
46. Jerzy P. Szyfter
47. Phyllis Ewen
48. David Ibbotson
49. Rachel Wachs
50. jeff kipilman
51. Marcel Stilger
52. B Weightman
53. Willem Wittermans
54. Nathaniel Short
55. Marilyn Charlton
56. Amna Amer
57. Elena Putley
59. Izzeddin Musa
61. Agnès Cochet
62. Nadia Glatzel
63. Christl Meyer
64. Hannah Safran
65. Senne Mullie
66. Elizabeth Block
67. Jorge Sorger
68. James Newell
69. Ingo Dr. Roer
70. Jake Javanshir
71. Razan Alnazer
72. Federico Nier-Fischer
73. J N
74. Martha Roth
75. L Dc
76. Hossein Rostamzadeh
77. John Berkowitz
78. linda cooper
79. Annette Lengyel
80. David Kanj
81. Sherrill Hogen
82. razan khoury
83. allan Crawshaw
84. Ingrid Kepler-May
85. Amer Khader
86. دكتور عبدالحكيم وادي
87. ARMANDO sanchez burgos
88. Mohammed Naji
89. Einat Walter
90. Mohammad H. Najajrah
91. Farid Bitar
92. Tamara Sh
93. Ilham Abughazaleh
95. Robert Storey
96. Eleanor Bayley-Woodburn
97. Nir Goldstein
98. Suha Sibany
99. Stéphanie Falk
100. Zeghoudi M
101. amroune nouari
102. juliette simon
103. Noureddine Abdoun
104. Daniel Vanhove
105. Cuesta Barros Juan
106. Andrey champdepoire
107. Mathieu Berteloot
108. Fatiha Tali
109. Salvatore Conte
110. Laurette Colin
111. agneta zuppinger
112. Brun Petit
113. Majda Rabah
114. Nancy Wein
115. Manuel Sachet
116. Mathieu Berteloot
117. Maurice Majerus
118. Dj Muath
119. Vicky Russell
120. Nadia Othman
121. Mary Avice
122. Camille Oger
123. Ouarda SERBAH
124. Zineb Haroui
125. Daniel ALLIAUME
126. Jafli Mohamed
127. Orphee STEPHAN
128. Monica Dantou