Join us on Wednesday, Apr 13th for a webinar by Dr. Honaida Ghanim!

Title: Post-justice, exceptionalism, and the normalization of Apartheid

Speaker: Dr. Honaida Ghanim (Director of the Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies “MADAR”, Visiting Professor at Birzeit University)


The post-justice concept is introduced here to theorize the normalization of oppression, dispossession, and Israeli Apartheid in the international relation. Post-justice is a state of indifference in which the distinction between right and wrong, or good and evil is irrelevant to politics. Because post-justice is a product of unequal power relations and rest on in-deep oriental racism toward the Palestinian, it facilitates colonization and apartheid through various tools that emphasize the “exceptionalism” of the colonizer. In doing so, I draw my examples from the Israeli ongoing and official subjugation of the Palestinians, the privatization of colonization in East Jerusalem and mixed cities, settlers’ violence in the West Bank, the enactment of the nation-state law, in parallel to the Israeli international relations expansion.

Speaker’s bio: Honaida Ghanim is a Palestinian Sociologist and Anthropologist. She was awarded her PhD in 2004 from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with distinction (Suma Cum Laude) and has been the director of the Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies “MADAR” in Ramallah since 2009. Dr Ghanim has published various articles and studies in the fields of Israeli and Palestinian studies, including researches about the history and transformation of the Zionist settler colonial project in Palestine, changes in Israeli socio-political structures, Nakba and collective identity, the social role of Palestinian Intellectuals and literary figures in reinventing the nation. Dr Ghanim was also the editor of On Recognition of the Jewish State (MADAR 2014) Israel and Apartheid: A View from Within (MADAR 2018); Basic Law: Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People – Facts and Dimensions (Madar 2019); and co-editor of On the Meaning of a Jewish state (MADAR 2011).  Since 2009, she has also been chief editor of MADAR’s Annual Strategic Report. Dr Ghanim taught in different Palestinian Universities and currently teaches at the Israeli Studies MA program at Birzeit University.