Join us for the next installment of the Bisan Lecture Series, on Tuesday March 19th at 8.30 PM Palestine time/6.30 PM UK time/2.30PM Eastern US time (notice the unusual time and date, and the different time difference between US and Palestine due to daylight saving time). You can register here!

Title: Gaza: A Litmus Test for International Law and the Responsibility of the International Community

Shawaan Jabarin, Director of Al-Haq
Amjad Shawa, Director of the Palestinian NGO Network, Gaza (prerecorded, from Gaza)
Raji Sourani, Director General of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (prerecorded)


As the Humanitarian situation in Gaza is continuing to deteriorate, with famine setting in the north of Gaza and the number of casualties has exceeded 100,000 people (more than 30,000 killed and over 70,000 wounded), in what has been described as an ongoing genocide, many Palestinian aid and human rights organizations are struggling to deliver much needed assistance for the people of Gaza while continuing to advocate for a lasting ceasefire. Join us for a discussion with Palestinian civil society leaders on the current situation in Gaza, the legal and humanitarian obligations:

More details about our speakers:

Raji Sourani is a Palestinian HRD lawyer who has defended and promoted human rights in Palestine and the Middle East and North Africa region for decades. As one of the most prominent human rights lawyers based in the Gaza Strip, Sourani established the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) to document and investigate human rights violations committed under Israeli occupation and has defended countless victims before Israeli courts. It is thanks to the work of the PCHR and other human right organizations that the International Criminal Court ruled in 2021 that it has jurisdiction over the Palestinian Territories occupied by Israel.

Shawan Jabarin is the General Director of Al-Haq and the former Secretary General of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). In 2011, Jabarin was appointed to the Human Rights Watch Middle East Advisory Board and in 2013, he was elected as a Commissioner for the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ).

And with a prerecorded video message from Amjad Shawa the director of the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) in Gaza strip since 1999 which is the largest coalition of Palestinian Civil Society Organizations. Amjad is now based in Gaza. Amjad is coordinating relief efforts between UN organizations and Palestinian civil society in the Gaza strip.