This is the webpage of the Palestinian Advanced Physics School, to be held at the Arab-American University in Jenin, July 26-28, 2016. The school precedes the Fifth Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics.

The aim of the proposed school is to provide master level students with an overview of exciting recent developments in modern physics that would normally not be part of the regular curriculum at their home universities. Lectures will be given by internationally recognised experts in a variety of topics, there will be interactive problem solving sessions, an applied particle physics tutorial, and a panel discussion on opportunities and life in academia. The school will be broadcast to the Islamic University in Gaza.

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Lecture topics:  

“Symmetries and symmetry breaking”, prof. Philip Argyres, University of Cincinnati.

“Modern particle physics”, prof. John Ellis, King’s College, London.

“Science at SESAME”, prof. Giorgio Paolucci, Scientific Director of SESAME, Jordan.

The target audience for the school is physics Master students at universities in Palestine.

Registration has now closed.

The school poster can be found here (pdf).

International organising committee:
Dr. Nabil Iqbal, University of Amsterdam,
Dr. M.C. David Marsh, University of Cambridge,
Dr. Mario Martone, University of Cincinnati,
Dr. Andy O’Bannon, University of Southampton,
Dr. Kate Shaw, ICTP and ATLAS.

Local organising committee:
Dr. Henry Giacaman, professor, UNESCO Chair in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Birzeit University.
Dr. Wafaa Khater, assistant professor, Birzeit University,
Dr. Adli Saleh, associate professor, the Arab-American University in Jenin.

International advisory board:
Dr. Philip Argyres, professor, University of Cincinnati,
Dr. Sir Michael Berry FRS, Melville Wills Professor of Physics (emeritus) at the University of Bristol,
Dr. John Ellis CBE, FRS Clerk Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics at King’s College London,
Dr. Stephen Hawking CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA Director of Research at the University of Cambridge.

The school is made possible by generous contributions from CERN and the Sharing Knowledge Foundation. We gratefully acknowledge local support by the Arab-American University in Jenin, and generous administrative support from Birzeit University.

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